Lovely J.

Lovely J. truly is so, so lovely. For her boudoir session, she chose to do less lingerie, and more items that she felt brought out her natural beauty. She brought her favorite mug, her own blanket, some sweat pants, and even a piece of artwork she is working on. Who says that boudoir sessions have to be about showing more? In fact, sometimes we love to show less and leave more to the imagination. 

J's session was so beautifully customized to her unique-self, and it was such a joy being able to work with her on this special gift! She did this session partially as a gift for her husband, but she was beyond excited to do this mostly for herself as a 30th birthday gift. We talked about this session probably a year or so before she entered the next decade of her life, and it was so exciting to see all of her visions come to life at her session!