Lovely B.

This gorgeous woman has been one of our dearest clients for a couple of years now. We were thrilled when she decided to take the leap and do something extra special for herself in the form of a boudoir session! 

Our lovely B. exudes confidence in so many ways, and having her in front of our camera proved it to us that much more. She's truly become like family; always spreading love and great thoughts our way (both on a personal and business level). People like her are the reason we love what we do (well, ONE of the reasons, anyway!), and I'm just so beyond thrilled to be able to share some of her beautiful photos with you.

What we really loved about her session is that she did this for herself. Sure, her hubby would never complain and absolutely loves seeing his gorgeous wife like this, but this was for h-e-r. I love her smile in the first set here! I think it shows her true happiness in life, and it makes me beam just as much! <3


Studio/Photographer: Lovely in Lace by Sivan Photography

Hair and Makeup: Kristy's Artistry Design Team