A Boudoir Wedding Gift | Orlando Boudoir Photography

What a season this is already! There must be something that physically happens to our brains when the air changes from a muggy 90 degrees to a crisp 75. Everyone instantly cheers up! Maybe it's because we all know the holidays are just around the corner, which I am SUPER excited about!

And speaking of happiness...I can only imagine the look on the Lovely W's hubby's face when he opened his wedding gift! He must feel like a lucky man to call this one his wifey! Her session was ridiculously fun. One of my very favorite things about meeting so many women is to see how different we all are...but how we all want the same thing: to feel confident, beautiful, wanted, and loved! I am pretty confident that she left her session feeling all of those things, which is exactly what we're going for with our boudoir sessions! 

Thank you for letting us share your stunning images! 

HAMU: Kristy's Artistry Design Team

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