Lace for Days | Orlando Boudoir Photographer

The Lovely Z. is featured on Our LiL Blog today, and holy wowza is she gorgeous! Her boudoir session at our studio was freaking ah-may-zing. She was constantly laughing and having a great time, and she really let go and put her trust in me for this.

I have to say that it's a HUGE compliment to have women put their trust in me for something like a boudoir session. It shows me that hey..maybe this really is my calling. And it's funny because I was always the shy one growing up. In dance, I was always the one to hide behind my mom to change while the other girls changed in front of each other. And here I am, following a dream I never knew I had, which is to allow women to let go of their inhibitions and just be free within themselves while I capture their beauty on my camera. To allow themselves to feel unstoppable, empowered, beautiful, sexy, and well..any other synonym to go with those! 

Thank you to this incredible woman for not only letting me take your photos, but for then allowing me to share them so that other women can be inspired and maybe do this for themselves one day. You are an inspiration, my dear!  

HAMU: Kristy's Artistry Design Team

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