Lovely T. | Orlando Boudoir Photographer

So there's this new trend going on that I don't quite understand. Maybe you've heard of it. People are actually tattooing freckles on themselves...and you know the reason? To "embrace natural beauty." Huh?! Doesn't that defeat the purpose? If you don't have freckles, you should embrace your beauty without freckles. And if you do, you should embrace those gorgeous freckles, too! I don't know..maybe it's just me who thinks that this is a very contradictory trend.

Anyway, my point is...look at these gorgeous freckles on our boudoir lovely! I call them beauty marks, and wow does she have a lot of them. I just LOVED her session so much. I always have such an amazing time photographing these women, hearing about their love stories, life stories, and just learning about their day-to-day lives. As a new momma, I will say that it is MUCH needed girl time when I go off to my boudoir sessions.

Thank you to this amazing girl for a great session, and for allowing us to share these! 

HAMU: Kristy's Artistry Design Team

All images shown by Lovely in Lace have received signed permission from Client for use. We are so thankful to be able to share their beautiful images with you!