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Hi gorgeous!! If you're wondering "what IS the Dream Shoot Planner, exactly?," I am here to answer that for you!

It is beyond important to me that all of my girls are in the know before booking and during the session! Meaning...I want you to understand the whole session, what to expect, and all of the fun you can plan on having! There is a difference between "just a photo shoot" and the 💖Lovely in Lace boudoir EXPERIENCE💖. You're not just having your photos taken and going home. There is so much more involved, and I love love love to spoil my girls with all of the attention they deserve! I put my heart and soul into boudoir, and I want you to know how truly passionate I am about it. <3 Seriously.

This Dream Shoot Planner explains the WHOLE boudoir session! There are tips in there, suggestions for outfits and where to shop, and soooo much more!

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