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Something my husband always says about me is that I make best friends really easily. Whether I'm at the grocery store, a get-together, or with clients, I tend to sometimes leave the "business talk" to the side and just get to know who I'm talking to! Besides, what are we doing in life if not warming up to each other and expressing true curiosity about who other people are?? 

I've been taking photos professionally for 9 years, and I have grown oh-so-much in that time! I am constantly learning how to make photographs even better for my amazing clients, and how to keep things exciting and interesting for everyone involved! 

My specialties are boudoir and wedding photography, which if you know me and my hopeless romantic ways, that should come as no surprise! 

When I discovered just how much I love boudoir photography, I graduated from taking those photos in hotel rooms, to opening up my own boutique photography studio in 2013! Good grief did everything change from there! Now I am able to offer my boudoir clients a true one-of-a-kind experience, make them feel like the powerful, beautiful, fearless women they (you) are, and create elegant, sexy photos! 

What I love the absolute most about boudoir photography is that this is the ultimate opportunity for a woman to completely pamper herself; mind, body, and soul! It’s such an empowering thing to do, and I truly believes that every female needs to do this for herself at least once in her lifetime. We are all so unique and beautiful, and it’s so important to know that about yourself! 

If you give me the opportunity to photograph you in a light you may have never seen yourself, I promise you will not be disappointed! I've worked with hundreds of women in all different shapes and sizes, and from what I've been told by them, they love their photos! 

Email me, and let's see if you feel I'm the right boudoir photographer for you!