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Lovely in Lace Women’s Empowerment Retreat

September 13th-15th

We are excited to announce the Lovely in Lace Women’s Empowerment Retreat this September at the beautiful Howey Mansion!

  • Who is the retreat for?

    • The LiL Women’s Empowerment Retreat is for women 18+!

    • It is for the woman who wants to learn to love and appreciate her body and herself.

    • It is for the busy woman, the mom, the wife, the pet owner, the employee, the employer, the single woman, the divorced woman, and any and every other woman!

    • It is for anyone looking to empower their own lives and also join the mission to empower the lives of women around them!

    • It is for the woman who carries emotional heaviness with her and wants to learn tools to ease it.

    • It is for YOU!

  • What is the retreat about?

    • The LiL Women’s Empowerment Retreat is about challenging women to take the tools they learn at the retreat, and use them on a regular basis.

    • It is about taking control of YOUR LIFE and learning to love who you are, both inside and out.

    • It is about finding balance in your life.

    • It is about becoming a healthy woman; both emotionally and nutritiously speaking.

    • It is about JOINING A MOVEMENT to empower as many women as possible!



  • Location: the beautiful Howey Mansion!

  • Friday: Check in date in the afternoon

  • Saturday: Empowering female speakers, activities to enhance your life, and more!

  • Sunday: Check out in the a.m!

  • Total attendees: 25

  • Total attendees who can stay at The Howey Masion (trust me, you want to be there!): 13 (only 3 spots left for this!)

  • For attendees who do not stay at The Howey Mansion: Please book a room at the nearby Mission Inn Resort.


  • Can I bring a friend?

    • Absolutely! Please send your friend(s) to this link so that they may join and you can enjoy this weekend together!

  • Are there special rates?

    • Please check below for early bird vs. regular pricing!

  • Is food included?

    • Breakfast will be included on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Lunch will be included on Saturday.

    • For dinner, we will all go out together to eat (everyone is responsible for their own dinner tabs).

  • If I am staying at The Howey Mansion (for the first 13 who reserve their tickets), do I get my own bed?

    • There are several beds that will be a first-come first-serve claim!

    • Other beds will require bed-sharing.

    • If you do not wish to share a bed and the single beds are taken, there are several couches within the mansion that you are welcome to sleep on!

  • What is the refund policy?

    • All sales are final.

  • Can I give my ticket to someone else?

    • Yes, if you can no longer attend after you’ve purchased your ticket, you are welcome to gift the ticket to someone else (she must be at least 18 years old).

  • Can I have my boudoir photos taken at The Howey Mansion?!

    • YES! I have opened up 4 spots for bookings at The Howey Mansion after check out on Sunday September 15th! Please inquire for pricing and availability!

  • How do I know if I am one of the first 13 who can stay at The Howey Mansion?

    • Please email if you are unsure whether or not you are one of the first 13.

  • Will we be doing any physical activities?

    • We will be doing at least one yoga class to teach mindfulness, breathing techniques, etc!

  • How should I dress?

    • Dress however you’d like! Comfortable or dressy - it’s up to you! I recommend sticking on the comfortable side.

    • Make sure to bring a sweater in case it gets chilly inside.

  • What should I bring?

    • Please bring a notepad & pen or a laptop so that you can take notes!

    • Please bring whatever you need for staying the night for 2 nights.