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For Everyday Women


Be lovely. Be bold. Be you.

Lovely in Lace by Sivan Photography is located in Orlando, Fl and offers a personalized experience for women of all ages to freely express and rediscover themselves through a one-on-one boudoir session.

You deserve a day off to spoil yourself, so go ahead and enjoy a day of relaxation and pampering at our private studio.







Coco Chanel

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”



In 2013, we decided that it was time to open up a boutique studio where my clients could feel relaxed, comfortable, and sexy! After quite a bit of renovation (you can see the before and after here), the chic, boutique studio was finally ready for its big debut! 

With our 8 floor-to-ceiling windows, we have an incredible amount of beautiful, natural lighting flooding the studio throughout the day. Everything you see in the studio has served as a prop or backdrop, just as we intended! Throughout the session, furniture is moved around, backdrops are switched out, and our custom built mobile wall allows for even more variety (designed and built by Craig, Sivan's wonderful husband!). 

We are the only studio like this in Central Florida, and we're so, so excited to share it with our wonderful boudoir lovelies! 


Serena Williams

“You can be whatever size you are, and you can be beautiful both inside and out.”


the woman behind this orlando based boudoir photography studio

My specialty is boudoir, which to ME means that my passion is inspiring women, empowering them, motivating them, and doing what I can to help them gain a sense of self-love and confidence.

I've been a professional photographer since 2009, and I have had so much self-growth in that time! I am constantly learning how to make photographs even better for my amazing clients, and how to keep things exciting and interesting all around!Something my husband always says about me is that I make best friends really easily. Whether I'm at the grocery store, a get-together, or with clients, I tend to sometimes leave the "business talk" to the side and just get to know who I'm talking to!

Besides, what are we doing in life if not warming up to each other and expressing true curiosity about who other people are? And as WOMEN, who are we if we aren’t supporting each other as much as we possibly can?

Let’s talk about what YOU are looking for in a boudoir experience. What is it that you hope to gain from a day of being pampered and feeling like the goddess you are? - SIVAN


Professional Photographer since 2009

You are powerful, beautiful, fearless.

Are you ready?

Let’s talk about what YOU are looking for in a boudoir experience


Yves Saint Laurent

“Finding your own style is not easy, but once found it brings complete happiness. It gives you self-confidence, always.”


You Should Always Come First

If you’re looking for the much-needed confidence boost you’ve been craving for so long, then you’ve come to the right studio! I am personally dedicated to creating an unforgettable boudoir experience for every woman that walks into my studio.

What do you say? Let me be the first to pierce through the veil of all your doubts and bring you peace of mind with a one-on-one session with me!


Kate Spade

“She makes the day brighter, she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.”





“I fell in love with Sivan’s images! She made me feel safe and secure in her studio throughout our entire session.”



“I love Sivan and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel confident again.”



“My husband literally fell head over heels when he saw the portraits from my boudoir session!”



Q: How many sessions do you book in one day?

A: I say this while doing a happy dance: ONE! This is because I want to focus 100% of my attention on YOU that day. I don’t want to constantly check the time and worry that we’re cutting it too close to the next session. You are making an investment in yourself, and I want you to feel confident knowing I am devoting the entire morning, it is…to YOU!

Q: You’ll help me with posing, right?!

A: Girl. YES! I am very “hands on” with posing, meaning…I’m not throwing you to the wolves and making you just fend for yourself! I will make sure no body part looks awkward, I will find the best pose to fit YOUR body type, and I will even show you photos as we go! Not all bodies are the same, so why would I pose every girl the same… right?! :-)

Q: Is hair and makeup included?

A: Heck yes! We want you to be pampered! Get rid of the notion that you are coming in just for a photo session. That is NOT what this is. Sure, you get your photos taken. But what you take out of it is just as important. We want you to feel empowered, sexy, beautiful, and like Wonder Woman!

Q: How many outfits do we use?

A: We will do 3 different looks/outfits! You may even find yourself feeling a little brave at the end and wanting “topless” to be an outfit. Hey.. you never know! And don’t worry, it’s all done with grace and class! Bring as many as much as you want and then I will help you narrow it down from there to what I feel is the most flattering for your body type, skin tone, etc!

Q: I’m really…REALLY nervous…is that normal?

A: YES! I tell you no lie when I say that the vast majority of our girls are super nervous coming into a boudoir session. Let’s face it…when was the last time you strutted in front of a camera in lingerie for professional (classy) photos? More than likely, the answer is never. But put your trust in us that we will make you feel ultra comfortable. Oh..and a little bubble that we provide doesn’t hurt either. ;-)


Ariana Grande

“Don’t ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. it’s too short, and you’re too special.”





Phone: (321) 231-5173

Studio Address: 2910 South Maguire Rd, Suite 2011, Ocoee, FL 34761