Green Haired Goddess | Orlando Boudoir Photographer



Can we all take a moment to just be in complete awe over the Lovely J’s hair?! I mean SERIOUSLY. I call her my Green Goddess, because…well, look at her!!

When she and I first talked on the phone, we instantly bonded. We had some personal things in common that are sure to bind any woman, and then there were just those things that made you feel as though the universe was really trying to tell you something.

The one day that I was able to offer her for her boudoir session just so happened to be on the day that her momma would have celebrated her birthday. It was such a special day to her, and for that to be the ONE day I mentioned…well, you can guess how the rest went. Her session was just so beyond special, and I adored her excitement over seeing herself all dolled up. It’s just so freaking important to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Don’t forget that, ladies. You.Are.IMPORTANT. And it is ridiculously important to make sure you continue to remind yourself that every single day, even on the difficult ones!

I cannot wait for the Lovely J’s NEXT boudoir session in 2019 on her own birthday! Okay, now stop reading and go look at the beauty below!!!

HAMU: Kristy's Artistry Design Team

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