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Sometimes, you meet people who really create a shift in mindset for you. You see how they handle the scary things that life throws at them, and it makes you take a step back and appreciate the little (and big) things. When you meet someone like this, your life changes, even if it’s not someone you spend time with on a regular basis. And when you find yourself getting frustrated at the normal frustrations we all deal with…well…it makes you take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

I really didn’t know how to properly explain what Alyssa has been through, so I asked her to write a little something about it instead. She has gone through way too much, and seeing her glow from doing a boudoir session has been truly empowering! I’ll tell you this: it isn’t just me who empowers you in your boudoir session. ALL of my girls empower ME, too. It’s just a beautiful cycle that I am so beyond thrilled to have found in my life.

Here is what Alyssa has written for me to share in here with you all:

My name is Alyssa and I am 26 years old.  I did my first boudoir session as a wedding present for my fiancee.  This was my first time ever doing a boudoir session but man am I glad that I did.  Not only is Sivan an AMAZING person, but she helps you to feel comfortable during your session.  (I hate calling it a session, I would rather call it an experience, because truly it was an experience from start to finish.)  This session brought out confidence that I was unaware I had.  These photos are pieces of art work and are honestly some of my favorites!  To tell you how excited I am about this entire experience, I have booked two more sessions for this year.

A little about my background, I look like a normal healthy 26 year old, but boy can looks be deceptive.  I got really sick for the first time when I was two with cancer.  After beating cancer, I was decently healthy until high school.  During high school, we discovered a heart problem and I had two heart surgeries while in high school.  On my way to a college class, I was in a car accident that lead to four surgeries, two of them being spinal surgeries. This past year, I have learned that my heart problem has worsened leading to another heart surgery and I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy.  Through all of this, I have learned how truly precious life is.  I love how Sivan encourages women empowering other women!

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Staying Focused; Staying Positive | Orlando Boudoir Photographer