Pageants to Mommyhood | Orlando Boudoir Photographer


I always ask my girls “why are you doing a boudoir session?” I love knowing if it’s something just for them (which most of the time, it is JUST for them!), or if it’s for a special occasion. It helps me understand what they’re coming in for, what they need, what they want.

The Lovely S. wrote this: “This is a mix between wanting to surprise my boyfriend and wanting to do something for myself. Growing up I was in pageants and used to LOVE getting pictures of myself done and once I became a mom I stopped loving that so much. You can rarely find a full body shot of me anywhere now that I'm "plus sized.””

The bold part is clearly where I want you to focus your attention. Our bodies change, our priorities change Things CONSTANTLY CHANGE. But damn…how important is it that we take a moment to realize that we need to focus on ourselves, too? We can’t allow ourselves to be pushed to the end of the “priority list” each time something new comes along. No way. We NEED to remind ourselves that if we aren’t happy, those around us will feel it.


Am I right?!

I absolutely ADORED her session, and I love how much it boosted her spirits. I specifically remember the day I sent her gallery to her, and she told me she was having a rough month and really needed to see them. It made my heart so happy knowing that her beautiful photos and experience lasted beyond her session date, and that seeing photos of herself like this is a constant reminder of the amazing woman she is!

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Pageants to Mommyhood | Orlando Boudoir Photographer