Why Not Now | Orlando Boudoir Photographer


Her “why:”

I have always wanted to do something like this so I figured why not now.

It’s true though. Why NOT now? What is it that scares you? Identify that “thing,” and conquer it. And I have to say…boudoir sessions are a damn good way to conquer fears. SO many fears. It’s breaking down borders that you’ve created in your own world, your own life. It’s stepping outside of your comfort zone…because why the hell not??

I LOVE the Lovely K’s session. I mean…everything about it. Her outfits, her calmness, her happiness. And the truth is that all of my girls are like this. You don’t realize how calm and truly happy you’ll be during your boudoir session…until you are AT your boudoir session. And then suddenly it’s like this wave…this breath of fresh air. It just lifts you up, and you get to see yourself in a different light. It’s a really beautiful place to be, and I love when my girls trust me enough for it!

HAMU: Kristy's Artistry Design Team

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Why Not Now | Orlando Boudoir Photographer