Lovely J. | Orlando Boudoir Photographer


Boudoir Session and Reaching Goals!

Everyone has their story, which is what makes us all so unique. It's something that I truly love about what I do, too. I get to spend about 3 hours with a complete stranger who trusts me to help them feel beautiful, step outside of their comfort zone, and do something bold and beautiful! And in those 3 hours, I get to learn their story. 

I just adored working with the Lovely J. on her boudoir session. She was so open with me about her life and what she's accomplished. She wrote a lovely little something for me to share with you all! 

"Doing a boudoir photo session is something that was on my mind for the last year. I had lost 114 lbs a few years ago and was happy and healthy at my goal weight. I found love with an amazing man and gained 30 "happy" pounds back over the last year and a half. I made a New Years resolution this year to lose those 30 lbs to get back to my healthy self. I wanted a unique gift to give to my long distance boyfriend for his July birthday.  I searched online for a boudoir photographer and found Sivan. I loved her work and after talking to her I knew in an instant she would be the photographer for me!  The day I woke up for the photo shoot, I had hit my goal weight!  It was meant to be and I had such a fabulous time!  In fact it was hard for me not to smile so much as I was enjoying it greatly and Sivan and I kept laughing about that. Jackie did my make up and hair and made me look gorgeous!  They are a great team and made me feel comfortable. I was blown away at the proofs, I felt sexy like I had never felt before and was amazed at how wonderful the photos were!  My boyfriend absolutely loved his little black book!  He especially loved the photo of me in his shirt and I got a bigger one of that one and framed it for his mantle top. If you have been thinking of doing this for yourself or even for someone special, do it, you will be so happy you did!"

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