A Cozy Boudoir Session with the Lovely P.


One of the questions I ask my girls when we have our initial phone consult is "what is your vision?" I know everyone ultimately wants "sexy," and trust me...you'll get that! But I want to hear more than that. I want to know about you! Are you typically walking around the house dolled up, or are you more of a comfy/cozy gal who just wants to wear an over-sized shirt and some cozy underwear? Do you want to capture the essence of you in your regular routine, or do you want to go the complete opposite direction for your photos? Personally, I say let's do BOTH!

This lovely client of ours was actually gifted a boudoir session by her sweet hubby. Her wanted to surprise her with something extra special, and I think he nailed it! She told me at the beginning that when she first got this gift from him (in the form of our gorgeous gift cards!), she thought "this is a gift for YOU, not me." I was sooooo happy that she walked out feeling differently! Of course it's a gift he would benefit from as well (what guy wouldn't want to see his wife feeling and looking amazing/sexy/confident???), but come on girls...this is for Y-O-U! Here is what this client wrote about her session on her own social media platform:  

For my 30th birthday this past March, my husband gifted me a boudoir session.

And I was like, "Uh... thanks, but it's MY birthday!"

I wasn't thrilled with it because since our wedding in 2011, I've put on about 10 or 15 lbs, and although I *thought* I had gotten to a point where I was cool with that, I am still my own worst critic -- especially when it comes to my body. I still catch myself flinching from time to time in the mirror if I see something's not quite "right" and criticizing everything I deem a "flaw."

I really believed I had the body image thing under control.

But when he gifted me the boudoir shoot, I realized I DIDN'T have it "under control." I got VERY anxious about seeing myself "scantily clad" in photos.

"I don't have the body for that!" I said.

"What if I look bad in all of the photos?!" I worried aloud.

I was NOT looking forward to cashing in on my "gift" to say the least, but I reluctantly scheduled the shoot for sometime in June -- that way, I thought, I could have time to mentally prepare for it... and maybe even lose a few pounds.

During the shoot, I drank about four Cosmos -- that is how anxious I was! I ended up having a great time during the shoot (a lot of thanks to the Cosmos ;-)). The photographer (Sivan Rettew of Sivan Photography) was amazing, too, so that made it even better.

The boudoir session itself was nothing like I expected. The poses were tasteful -- not raunchy at all, and I felt very comfortable.

Most of all, I felt beautiful. When I left, I almost started crying while thanking the photographer because I truly felt GOOD about my body. I don't think I've ever felt so much appreciation for it before.

I'm fighting back tears as I write this because I know there are so many women out there who struggle the same way I have struggled with loving themselves and appreciating their bodies.

I highly recommend the boudoir photo experience to any woman who struggles with body image. It's because of these photos that I can look in the mirror now and tell myself, "You're beautiful" -- and actually believe it.

P.S. -- Please feel free to share this public post + photos if you'd like to encourage the women in your life to love their bodies too :-) I don't mind!

I LOVED when she tagged me and I got to read this! It was such a nice surprise to see it as a testimonial on her own, personal page! Just seeing her be so open about her true feelings (before, during, and after the session) was awesome. Thanks for sharing that, girly!! <3 

And with that, here are some of her comfy-cozy, ultra-sexy boudoir photos. ;)

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