What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session | Orlando Boudoir Photographer

You've done it. You've taken the bold step and booked your boudoir session! Cue happy (albeit somewhat nervous) dance! 

...now what?

You've seen the photos on our website for inspiration, you've perused your closet and drawers, and now you're stuck wondering "what the bleep am I going to wear?!" Don't worry girl..we've got you!

Since lingerie is a staple during a boudoir shoot, let's highlight a few things on the topic before thinking outside of the box!

  • New or lightly worn lingerie is best.

  • Always try on everything before you bring it.

  • Wear what YOU feel SEXY in.


And now, let's get creative!

  • Something of HIS/HERS! If you are doing this as a gift for your significant other, bring something you can wear or incorporate of theirs. This can be a uniform, sports jersey, t-shirt, anything you know that has meaning to them and will make his/her jaw drop when he/she sees you making it sexy!

  • Something of YOURS! Bring something that has a special meaning to you, whether it's a necklace, something that represents a hobby you love, or even your favorite coffee mug. Boudoir is a celebration of you so incorporating your something special will make for some extra special photos!

  • Something CASUAL! You would be surprised at how sexy your favorite oversized sweater can be during a boudoir session. Or even a pair of your favorite jeans that make your butt look super cute. Bring in something from your "every day look" and watch how it can be some of the sexiest photos you have seen!

  • Something DRESSY! Do you have a favorite cocktail dress? Bring it!

  • ACCESSORIES! Don't forget to bring your favorite jewelry, it can really up the sexy for everything else you bring. And don't let it stop at jewelry! Make sure you bring high heels, fishnets, garters, glasses, hats, etc.


See below for more inspiration, and make sure to scroll through our galleries and blog for even more!