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Holy blog-slacker, Batman! I am normally the queen of blogging, but I've been so focused on making sure all of my girls are getting an amazing experience that blogs have definitely ended up on the back-burner for me. 

But have no fear, I will still be blogging as often as I can, and you'll always have beautiful photos to look at between the website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram

BUT...today's blog isn't about me slacking about blogging (okay, I'm done saying the "b" word), it's about this incredibly gorgeous bride-to-be who gifted her album to her fiance! She even showed me the photo of him opening the book, and holy cow. His reaction.is.everything!

I am beyond thrilled that she gave me permission to share her images with you all. When I asked her if I can share some of her photos with other women, she said that she'd love to since seeing other women on my blog is what encouraged her to do this for herself! That's what it's all about, ladies. It's a great gift for a spouse, but ultimately, it's for Y-O-U. Don't forget that!

And with that...enjoy! 

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