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Believe it or not, the value of having a boudoir session done is not always obvious. Over the years, I’ve found that many women used to (as in, before finding Lovely in Lace!) see boudoir as “just another photo shoot.” It’s NOT that, though. It’s oh.so.much.more.

Boudoir sessions are about feeling beautiful. They’re about loving who you are, both inside and out. They’re about doing something SCARY, BRAVE, BOLD. Something DIFFERENT than what you do on a day to day basis. They’re about finding yourself after you’ve gone through tough times. Sometimes, they’re even about finding yourself for the FIRST time ever. Seeing how beautiful you truly are. Realizing that social norms should not and DO not define you. What is “beautiful” according to social media, celebrities, magazines…that’s not what is truly beautiful. In reality, what’s beautiful about women is our ability to love SO hard. Our ability to multi-task better than anyone else. Our ability to be compassionate. To put others first, ahead of our ourselves. To put the NEEDS of others ahead of OUR own needs. THAT is what is beautiful.

Beauty is certainly NOT determined by our acne scars, or hell…even the current acne. It’s not determined by extra pounds we are trying to shed. It’s not determined by the size clothing we wear, or what we do for a living. It’s not determined by our paychecks, by the size of our house, or the neighborhood we live in. It’s not determined by the size of our nose, our crooked smiles or teeth, the color of our skin, the sexual orientation we have. No. It’s NONE of that.

Beauty is determined by who we are to our CORE. By what we do for others. By how we lift others up when they’re feeling down. By how we care..and I mean TRULY care, about others. It’s determined by the good deeds we do, even if it’s a friendly gesture. Even if you love another woman’s dress and you tell her so. It’s the simple acts we do on a daily basis that we may not even realize we’re doing. It’s hugging someone we love, because the human need and desire for the simple act of TOUCHING is very, very strong.

There is so much more to beauty than meets the eye, and there is so much more to BOUDOIR than meets the eye.

What I want…to my core…is to be able to show you this. To be able to show you how FREAKING GORGEOUS you are. Not just on the outside, but on the inside, too. Because damn…don’t we all deserve to feel beautiful???

HAMU: Kristy's Artistry Design Team

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