From Timid to Tigress | Orlando Boudoir Photographer


For today’s blog feature, I want to introduce you to the Lovely G. When she emailed me, this is what she wrote:

I'd like to look into doing one of my own [boudoir sessions]. I'm a bit timid about the situation, but I think it's exactly what I need as a self-esteem boost. I'm anxious, just writing this email.

And can I just tell you guys….she NAILED her session. Like….ROCKED.IT.OUT

I love that she brought in pieces of clothing that weren’t just lingerie. I say it time and time again…you do NOT need lingerie for a boudoir session! You only need to bring whatever makes you comfortable, and I’ll take it from there! We quite literally mixed and matched outfits for her from the selection that she brought, and you can see how beautiful she looks in all of it!

Another thing that I LOVED that the Lovely G. brought in was the book she’s holding. Her boyfriend is an author, and he has a book that he wrote…BUT…it hasn’t actually been printed. She printed out the cover for his book, taped it around another book, and voila! Book!

With boudoir, my rule is: YOU DO YOU! Don’t focus on what anyone else brought to their session, how they posed, how they looked. Just focus on YOU, and that’s how we’ll have a really amazing boudoir session!

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